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May 31 2015


What apps help you keep in shape?

These applications provide a follow-up on the daily sports and nutritional plan.
Applications for the jogging practice:
Runtastic and Runkeeper to calculate the running speed, the trace of the courses, the kilometres travelled, the energy (calories) when you run.
The results, statistics are saved in your training history.
You can also share all your activities on social networks. Muscle building applications offer training programs, exercises toachieve in the form of challenges, objectives to achieve to advance.
Runtastic Push - Ups (pumps): to work the chest and arms
Runtastic Sit - Ups: to work the abdominals
Runtastic Squats: to work the thighs and glutes
Runtastic pull-ups (pull-ups): to work the back, arms, chest
You should also take a look and download Venus Factor
Applications that help you control your diet: Lifesum and secret Fat to monitor his diet, better choose their food and weightcontrol.
They provide nutritional information for all foods.

How to strengthen your pectoral muscles with dumbbells on Swiss-Ball

This exercise of thoracic opening allows reinforce, strengthen the pectorals, triceps (long portion), back (the big round, therhomboid) and the previous serrated.
Using the Swiss Ball for this exercise to put the body in a position of imbalance to constantly check to avoid tip over or fall.
Creation of the movement
Sit on the swiss-ball by positioning your feet from a gap greater than the width of the shoulders.
Taking the dumbbell in both hands (taking pronation) and keeping arms slightly bent, lie down on the swiss-ball and placeyour buttocks on the edge of it.
Your back is completely in contact with the swiss-ball.
Lift the barbell above your chest.
Down above the head (arms parallel to the ground) to reassemble then up above your chest (or slightly later).
Repeat this movement on the number of repetitions to achieve.
You can replace the dumbbell by a medicine ball (weighted ball).
You can also do this venus factor exercise lying on a bench or keeping your feet on the ground, either by bending your legs (for not archthe lower back).
Training tips
Keep the head in the alignment of the spine and buttocks.
Check the load you are moving.
Do not use too heavy a burden for this exercise.
Inhale when you get off the dumbbell, exhale when you reassemble.
In practice
2-3 times per week 4-5 sets of 12 to 20 repetitions / 1 minute to 1 minute 30 of recovery between sets.

What should you do to lose weight?

Lose weight, eliminate the extra pounds to reach his weight and maintain through regular physical activity, a healthy and balanced or a more personalized plan, diet controlled more if it is a significant weight loss.
The success to lose weight is based on venus factor system, diet to about 70% and physical activity to approximately 30%.
Focus sports endurance (aerobic effort) as jogging which allows to tap into fats from within 30 minutes, the bike should be(45 minutes to 1 hour) (Ergometer, Crosstrainer or spinning in gym), swimming (45 minutes to 1 hour), Nordic walking (1 hto 1 h 30).
In addition to these endurance exercises that allow to "dry" to eliminate body fat, it is necessary to carry out targetedexercises (ABS-buttocks-thighs etc) of muscle building and weight training to strengthen, tone the silhouette.
The regularity, the frequency of workouts per week are essential to achieve results over the long term.
Sports twice a week is a minimum, three to four times per week is ideal.
Lose weight ask a certain rigor in sporting terms, but also and especially on the nutrition plan.
In this process, care must be taken to drink plenty of water, eat slowly, avoid eating slow sugars at night (legs, rice etc),focus on vegetables, white meat (chicken, Turkey white white), red meat (chopped steak 5%), fish, limiting cheese, banishthe sweets and fast food.

Make the "split" to lose weight

The purpose of the split or "interval training" is to improve the VMA (aerobic maximum value), the ability to run faster andlonger, so cardio-respiratory capacity.
It also helps improve VO2max (maximal oxygen consumption), the amount of oxygen that can be used at a maximumeffort, which leads to exhaustion in 4 to 8 minutes.
Thanks to the f4x protocol, the VO2max of a sedentary can be improved by 15 to 20%. The split is also beneficial for losing weight,to eliminate body fat and to refine the silhouette without losing muscle mass.
The intensity of this exercise to solicit metabolic rate up to 24 hours after the meeting (100 to 300kcal to rest).
This method of training is composed of several series that include a phase of work to an quick look followed by a recoveryphase is passive (walking) or active (trotting).
The best-known form is the 30 '' 30 '' sprinter 30 seconds then get 30 seconds. This process is repeated between 5 to 10times.
There are different types of split which the pyramid 30 ' 30 ' and 45 ' 45 "then 60" 60 "and 90"90", the split long which is torun 5 times 500 meters in a sustained manner, with one minute of recovery between sets.
Warm up 10-15 minutes before you start your workout split.
Information and precautions
This exercise is not suitable for people with heart problems.
Consult your doctor before implementing this type of training in order to obtain a heart check, perform a stress test and anultrasound.

Objective flat stomach!

The facial sheathing reinforces the deep muscles of the abdominals and the paravertebral muscles that promote themaintenance of the spinal column.
This old school new body exercise in isometry is based on the strength and muscle endurance.
Lie facing the ground, and then resting on the elbows, forearms and feet tips, use your basin.
Remain stationary by contracting the ABS, and keeping the back flat, position the elbows under shoulders vertically.
Legs, pelvis and trunk must remain aligned.
Your buttocks should be positioned to shoulder height as if they are below those above, this will create tension, pain in thelumbar region.
If your buttocks are placed over the shoulders, the exercise becomes ineffective.
Be sure to remain perfectly parallel to the ground.
Breathe calmly and deeply during the fiscal year. 2-3 times per week
5 sets of 10-20 seconds / recovery of 10 to 20 seconds between sets.
5 sets of 30 seconds to 1 minute / recovery from 30 to 45 seconds between sets.
5 series of 1 minute to 2 minutes 10 / recovery from 45 seconds to 1 minute between sets.
MUSCLES targets > transverse, right, oblique, latissimus dorsi, mass sacro-lumbar.
MUSCLES targeted indirectly > triceps (Vastus lateralis, long portion), anterior deltoids.

May 30 2015


Good Habits

With the arrival of spring, we all want to take good habits: eat better, take up sport, stop smoking ... It's always easier to think of it, but more difficult to get started!

I have a technical 8-point rather simple, that I apply when I want to learn a new habit, so if you want to change your life, it starts now!
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